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Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SRA3000 Tracer

  • The SRA3000 Tracer is perfect for a fast-paced tennis environment
  • Features the innovative point and shoot technology
  • Trigger, Continuous & Quick Read modes
  • Range: 10-199mph
  • Displays mph or km/h

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    Speed Range:

    • Speed measurement range: 10-199mph / 16-320km/h
    • Operating range: 60ft (balls) / 1000ft (cars)


    • Can provide readings in mph or km/h
    • Point and Shoot Technology
    • Trigger & Continuous Mode
    • Quick Read Mode
    • When using trigger mode, gun must be pointed directly at target your looking to measure (or 10 degrees either side)
    • Average Speed Statistic
    • Data Port
    • Audio Indicator


    • Radar Gun operates on 6x standard AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
    • Battery Life: 100 hours
    • Comes with an auto shut-down feature for battery conservation
    • Low battery indicator


    • Weight: 0.8lbs / 362g
    • Lightweight, robust design


    • Mount for tripod (sold separately)
    • 1-year limited warranty
    Guarantee a precise speed reading with the SRA3000 Tracer

    The SRA300 Tracer Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun will improve the standard of any tennis set-up. A high-quality piece of equipment, this radar gun has been specially designed to measure the speeds of fast moving objects – ideal for the tennis court. Whether your looking to measure the speed of your serve, your average ground stroke speed when locked in a gruelling rally or just how big your trademark forehand cross actually is, the SRA3000 Tracer possesses all the necessary modes and components to make recording these speeds an absolute breeze.

    Boasting an exceptionally easy-to-use and lightweight design, the SRA3000 provides an excellent handholding option which is hugely beneficial when using the trigger mode. Using the innovative point and shoot technology, the trigger mode requires you to point the speed gun at your intended target (tennis ball) and pull the trigger when you want to acquire a reading. It’s 60ft ball range means you can still gain accurate readings without the risk of getting hit! For a more accurate reading, you can attach the speed gun to a tripod (sold separately) and take your speed measurements from a set position.

    As well as the trigger mode, the SRA300 Tracer also possesses two more dynamic modes; continuous and quick read. The continuous mode is ideal when using the radar gun with the tripod. It provides a handsfree option as once set up, the speed gun will continually monitor objects flying past it and give you accurate readings. The quick read mode is perfect for looking at more specific faster techniques, such as racket head speed. For all three modes, once complete, the gun will also provide you with an average speed reading so you can easily monitor your consistency and progression throughout the session.

    Coming with the option of displaying your speed measurements as either mph or km/h, the SRA3000 Tracer possesses an impressive range of 10-199mph (16-320km/h). Also coming with an exceptional 100-hour long battery life, worrying about it running out of juice will be an extremely rare event. Consisting of 3 high-quality modes, an incredible speed range, battery life and its lightweight, robust design, this speed gun represents phenomenal value for money and is a level above the rest of the speed radar guns in its class.

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