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Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SR3600

Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SR3600

  • Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SR3600 | Vermont UK
  • Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SR3600 - LED Display | Vermont UK
  • Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SR3600 | Vermont UK
  • Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SR3600 - LED Display | Vermont UK
  • Professional precision and accuracy

  • SR3600 can record speeds of up to 250mph

  • Comes with option to add LED Display Screen – 4” or 8”

  • Ideal for measuring tennis shots

  • Excellent accuracy of +/- 1mph

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Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun – Precision and Accuracy Guaranteed

If you’re a coach, teacher or tennis player looking to measure how fast you, or your player’s shots are being hit, then the SR3600 Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun is the ideal piece of tennis training equipment for you. It’s a perfect fit for tennis as it’s fantastically durable, accurate, reliable and more than equipped to deal with small tennis balls flying through the air at rapid speeds. Possessing the ability of recording speeds between 10-250mph, with an accuracy of +/- 1mph, this radar gun certainly won’t let you down.

This speed gun features the innovative point and shoot technology which, combined with the lightweight and robust nature of the SR3600 enables this radar gun to flourish in a sporting environment which is constantly changing. If you’re looking to capture the speed of shots being played in continual rallies, simply point the speed gun towards the intended target (ie. the tennis ball) and pull the trigger for an instant, accurate reading, displayed on the back of the radar gun. If you wish to collect speed recordings from a set place, when measuring serve speed for example, you can switch the speed gun to its continuous mode and attach it to a tripod (sold separately), this way you’ll get a reading without having to manually pull the trigger.

The benefits don’t stop there either. Unlike any other speed radar gun on its level, the SR3600 includes a data port which allows you to connect the radar gun to a PC/Laptop, giving you a place to save your statistics and monitor your progress (cable and software CD sold separate). The combination of the highly advanced microprocessor which can detect close range speed and the ability to map your progress makes for an extremely useful product which will help you develop at an impressive rate.

As well as providing an opportunity for data to be recorded, the data port also allows for an LED display screen to be attached to the speed radar gun. This is especially useful for individuals training solo, as they can position the screen near to where they are, so they can see without it having to be read to them. Here at Vermont we offer two LED screen option with this radar gun. They come as a 4” display (200ft visibility) or an 8” display (350ft visibility). The LED require mains power and can be connected using the AC adapter and connecting the included cable to the data port.


Speed Range:

  • Speed measurement range: 10-250mph / 16-402km/h
  • Fully tested accuracy of +/- 1mph
  • Operating range: 60ft (balls) / 1000ft (cars)


  • Can provide readings in mph or km/h
  • Point and Shoot Technology
  • Two modes: Trigger & Continuous
  • Hands free mode
  • Data Port
  • Audio Indicator


  • Radar Gun operates on 2x standard 9v batteries (not included)
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Comes with an auto shut-down feature for battery conservation
  • Low battery indicator
  • External power connectivity (AC Jack)


  • Weight: 1.5lbs / 680g
  • Mount for tripod (sold separately)
  • 1-year limited warranty
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