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Vermont Pickleball Post & Net Package [Tournament Specification]

Complete IFP & USAPA Regulated Vermont Pickleball Package comprising a set of weatherproof green powder-coated steel square or round posts, ground sockets & a heavy-duty 22ft x 3ft net made of 2.5mm twisted HDPP twine. Brass winder is included.

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  • Net Width: 22ft (6.7m)
  • Net Edge Height: 36in (0.91m)
  • Net Centre Height: 34in (0.86m)


  • Posts: 76mm powder coated steel
  • Net: 2.5mm braided HDPP twine with quad-stitched polyester headband
  • Cap Lids: Plastic
  • Winder Mechanism & Handle: Brass


  • Net includes a fitted headline wire
  • Set Contents: Round/Square Tennis Post, Heavy-Duty Pickleball Net, Brass Winder Mechanism and Ground Sockets & Plastic Cap Lids

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world; combining elements of badminton, table tennis and the world’s most popular racket sport – tennis, this sport is gathering plenty of momentum across the globe. With this exceptional pickleball post & net package, you know you will have a high quality pickleball court right at your disposal. The package includes ground sockets, a pickleball net that complies with IFP regulations for pickleball net dimensions and the choice of round or square posts. The posts come with ground sockets plastic cap lids, so you can permanently fix the posts to your pickleball court surface. Manufactured from heavy-duty 76mm steel, the durability of the posts is enhanced thanks to the powder coating finish, which prevents rust and corrosion. Brass winder mechanism that is included allows you to adjust the pickleball practice net tension with ease. The pickleball net height is a big part of the pickleball regulations, which is why this 22ft x 3ft net allows for official pickleball net dimensions to be met; 22ft wide, 36in high at the edge and 34in high in the centre. Crafted from high quality 2.5mm HDPP twine and featuring a quad-stitched polyester headband, this pickleball net package can cope with the action. Fitted headline wire included.

  • Pickleball Post & Net Package – High-quality pickleball net that complies with IFP regulations
  • Have your choice of round or square pickleball posts for your pickleball court
  • Brass winder mechanism allows readjustments to the pickleball net tension to be made
  • Net is crafted from 2.5mm HDPP twine and features a quad-stitched polyester headband
  • A regulation Pickleball net is hung at 36in (0.91m) at either end of the net and 34in (0.86m) in the centre

Vermont offers a wide range of pickleball equipment. For Pickleball Court Lines, ProCourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set and more, please see the essentials above.

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