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Replacement Net & Ties [9 x 7 Jumbo Tennis Rebound Net]

Replacement net and ties for the Tennis Jumbo Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft). Options include replacement net only, ties only or replacement net and ties package.

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Keep Your Rebound Net in Tip Top Condition

Packages Available:

  • Rebound Net & Elastic Bungee Net Ties
  • Rebound Net
  • Elastic Bungee Net Ties

Net Twine:

  • 30ply Twisted Polyethylene Twine
  • 25mm Mesh

Elastic Bungee Net Ties:

  • Ties retain long-lasting coil spring tension
Maintain Your Rebound Net’s incredibly high standards

The Jumbo Tennis Rebound Net has fast become a popular choice for those looking to improve their tennis skills and techniques. Unfortunately, the increased popularity can sometimes lead to natural wear and tear, even for the most durable of tennis products, like this Jumbo Tennis Rebound Net. The consistent blows received from forehands, backhands and serves can sometimes take its toll, so in order to ensure you never lose any practice time due to damaged equipment, we provide replacement nets and ties, which will have your rebound net looking and feeling brand new.

Available in 3 different packages, these replacement parts are guaranteed to maintain the high-quality of your tennis rebound net. If your rebounder needs a full replenish of its equipment, we offer a net & ties package which will provide you with a durable 30ply twisted polyethylene twine net and elastic bungee net ties to keep the net at a suitable tension. Alternatively, we also offer the net on its own as well as the ties on their own as two separate packages.

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