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Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

  • Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Machines | Vermont UK
  • Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Machines | Vermont UK
  • Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Machines | Vermont UK
  • Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Machines | Vermont UK
  • One of the lightest, most compact tennis ball machines in the world

  • Featuring topspin & backspin technologies

  • Ball Speed Range: 10-70mph / 16-113kph

  • Battery powered machine boasts an impressive 4-hour play time

  • Comes with option to add remote & 2-Line Oscillator

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Superb Portability & Performance – The Wilson Tennis Ball Machine

A titan of the tennis industry, Wilson certainly know how to produce top-quality tennis products and this tennis ball machine is certainly no exception to that rule. Combining excellent portability with world-class performance, this tennis ball machine is one of the best on the market and is able to provide excellent playing partner services to players of all ages and abilities.

Weighing a slight, yet extremely effective 17kgs, this Wilson Tennis Ball Machine is exceptionally portable, making it the perfect choice for players and coaches on the go. As well as being lightweight its tremendous portability is also aided by the user-friendly handle and wheels that come with the ball machine. It’s slightness doesn’t have any baring its ability to store tennis balls either because at full capacity, this machine can hold an impressive 110 regular sized balls, providing plenty of shot opportunities to assist a player with their development.

This machine’s innovative technologies give it an incredible ability to recreate real-life ball characteristics. The built-in standard oscillator can provide an unpredictable ball delivery, therefore replicating a rally situation whilst the internal system can produce topspin and backspin on the ball, giving each ball a real-shot feel. It’s impressive speed range of 10-70mph combined with a feed rate of 1-10 seconds, can provide a challenge for all standards of tennis players. You’ll not have to worry about cutting a session short through lack of power either, as it’s battery offers an outstanding 4 hours of play from a full charge.

For an even greater tennis training experience, here at Vermont we offer the options of adding a 2-Line oscillator with a multi-function wireless remote. The 2-Line Oscillator allows players to fire the ball towards two pre-set court positions allowing players to work on their groundstrokes on either side one ball after the other, keeping players on the move as if they were in a rally scenario. The wireless remote is a small device that will allow you to alter the settings of the machine from anywhere on the court, avoiding any major disruptions of your session.


Ball Machine Features:

  • Varied Ball Trajectories: Groundstroke to Lob
  • Ball Elevation: 15° - 45°
  • Ball Speed Range: 10-70mph / 16-113kph
  • Ball Feed Rate (Interval): 1-10 seconds
  • Ball Capacity: 110 Tennis Balls (regular size)
  • Spin types: Topspin & Backspin
  • Multi-function Wireless Remote (OPTIONAL)

Power Source:

  • Battery Powered
  • Up to 4 hours of playing time
  • Smart Charger included


  • Includes standard built in random oscillator (horizontal)
  • Comes with the option of adding a 2-line oscillator


  • 17kg / 38lbs


  • 55cm L x 36cm W x 51cm H / 22” L x 14” W x 20” H


  • Tennis Ball Machine comes with a 2-year warranty
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Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

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Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

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