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Vermont Portable Volleyball Set [PRO]

Vermont Portable Volleyball Set [PRO]

    Folding Adjustable Volleyball Post Net Garden Set Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK Portable Volleyball Set Posts And Net Outdoor Grass Volleyball Posts & Net System Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK
  • Folding Adjustable Volleyball Post Net Garden Set
  • Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK
  • Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK
  • Portable Volleyball Set Posts And Net
  • Outdoor Grass Volleyball Posts & Net System
  • Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK
  • Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set | Vermont UK
  • High-quality Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set
  • Telescopic posts offer 3 adjustable net heights
  • Features a professional 32' x 3' Net (FIVB Regulation)
  • Guy ropes, ground pegs, court line rope & carry bag included
  • Extremley durable yet light-in-weight Volleyball Set

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Vermont Portable Volleyball Set - Dynamic, Durable Volleyball System

Extremely Long-Lasting

The durable aluminium telescopic posts offer excellent resistance against rust & corrosion whilst combing expertly well with the twisted polyethylene 45ply twine net allowing this Vermont Volleyball Set to perform at the top for years and years.

Adjustable Telescopic Posts

Ensuring all players are catered for, these impressive aluminium telescopic Volleyball posts boast three different set positions; 8ft (Men), 7ft 8” (Mixed) & 7ft 4” (Women), so you can have the correct specifications every time you play.

Portable Volleyball Net System

The aluminium make-up of this set allows you to transport it with ease thanks to the carry bag provided. The included court lines allow you to create an 18m x 9m Volleyball court wherever you like. The 6mm braided construction allows you to create your own Volleyball arena anywhere, from the garden to the school playground!


Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set - Professional Standard Net System

With this Vermont Portable Aluminium Set at your disposal, you’ll be able to take the Volleyball action wherever you like! Brimming with top-of-the-range Volleyball equipment, this set has been specially designed to provide a world-class Volleyball experience wherever you choose to play. Operating in a different league to its steel rivals, this light-in-weight, durable aluminium set is perfect for schools, clubs and families. This set is ideal for players on the go, as the included carry bag ensures storing and transporting the Volleyball equipment is the simplest of tasks!

  • FIVB Regulation Volleyball Net included with this Vermont Portable Volleyball Set (32ft)
  • Crafted from 45ply twine, the nets twisted HDPE design with 10cm mesh netting gives it excellent durability
  • Telescopic 48mm/46mm diameter volleyball posts are manufactured from aluminium for lightweight, durable quailities 
  • Aluminium Posts also provide excellent rust-resistance so posts can be left outside
  • Set also includes guide ropes, ground pegs, court lines & a carry bag for all equipment
  • Court lines can create an official 18m x 9m volleyball court
  • Posts offer 3 different adjustable heights: 8ft (Men) / 7ft 8” (Mixed) / 7ft 4” (Women)
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle, this sets portable nature allows you to play volleyball just about anywhere!
  • A popular choice for schools, sports clubs and families

Providing the foundations for this high-quality Vermont Volleyball Set, the telescopic posts ensure that the Volleyball action is never hindered because of poor net support. Engineered from extremely tough aluminium, these telescopic posts come with diameters of 48mm and 46mm and have been designed to be expertly durable and resitant to rusting whilst the lightness of the material allows the set to retain its easy portability. As well as strength, the black uprights also offer 3 adjustable heights; 8' (men), 7' 8” (mixed) and 7' 4” (women) ensuring all players are catered for with the correct match specifications. The set also includes 20m long guy ropes, which are manufactured from 6mm braided PE, which add an increased level of stability when secured to the ground using 8mm thick pegs (included).

Matching the posts when it comes to quality, the net helps this Vermont Volleyball Set maintain its outstandingly high standards. Designed to meet Official FIVB Regulations when it comes to size, the 32' x 3' net is the perfect choice for training and competitive purposes. The top-level net is crafted from 45ply twine with a 10cm mesh which is finished with a PVC banding. The blue banding provides extra strength to the net, increasing its capabilities of dealing with multiple impacts from Volleyballs.

Not just content with providing you with a high-quality net, this Vermont Volleyball Set also includes a court line rope, which can create a 18m x 9m Volleyball Court pretty much anywhere providing you have sufficient space. Boasting similar durable qualities to the posts and the net, this court line rope is manufactured from 6mm braided polyethylene, which allows it cope with consistent use over long periods of time.

More than just your average garden Volleyball set, this portable aluminium system is of extremely high quality. The highly-dynamic net system is just as at home in the back garden as it is in a competitve volleyball arena and can cater to mens, womens and mixed volleyball matches thanks to its adjustable 48mm/46mm diameter telescopic posts. 

PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish to convert your Vermont Portable Volleyball Set to official Beach Volleyball regulations, we sell a 28ft Beach Volleyball Net as a separate product. Beach Volleyball features a slightly smaller court (16m x 8m) than regular volleyball and does not include an attack line.


Vermont Portable Aluminium Volleyball Set

Volleyball Set Contents:

  • 2 x Aluminium Telescopic Volleyball Posts
  • 1 x FIVB Regulation-Sized Volleyball Net (32ft x 3ft / 9.8m x 1m)
  • 20m / 65ft long guidelines (guy ropes)
  • Ground pegs for guideline
  • Court line rope (for 18m x 9m volleyball court)
  • Carry bag for equipment (storage & transportation)


  • Telescopic Posts: Manufactured from Strong Aluminium with 48mm & 46mm diameters
  • Strong, durable aluminium posts offer resistance to rust & corrosion
  • Net: 45ply twine twisted PE netting with 10cm mesh & blue PVC banding
  • Court Line Rope: 6mm braided PE rope
  • 20m Guideline Rope: 6mm braided PE rope


  • Posts are adjustable to offer 3 different heights: 8ft (Men) / 7ft 8” (Mixed) / 7ft 4” (Women)
  • Ground Pegs are 8mm thick

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