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Vermont Archon Tennis Racket

Designed for the best tennis players, the Vermont Archon features a VPG Elite Tek Graphite Construction. Weighing 285g and having a 100sq inch head-size, this stylish well-balanced tennis racket allows for optimal control and power of the ball in every stroke.

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The Vermont Archon Tennis Racket – For the game’s elite

Sizes Available:

  • Vermont Archon Tennis Racket: 27” (Senior)


  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Headsize: 100sq inches


  • VPG Elite Tek Graphite Construction


  • Strung Weight: 280g (+/- 7g)

Grip Sizes:

  • L2: 106-108mm
  • L3: 109-111mm
  • L4: 112-114mm
  • L5: 115-117mm


  • Carbon frame has a slick black design with gold features
  • Each racket comes with a full racket cover included

The Vermont Archon Tennis Racket, designed for the World’s Best

For a player to perform to the best of their ability, no matter what level they operate at, having a quality tennis racket that feels comfortable and natural is an absolute must. Whether you’re a natural stroke player, gliding through the ball with the finesses of Roger Federer or a more aggressive Rafa-like player tearing round the court and putting absolutely everything into every shot, with a premium-quality tennis racket in your hand you’ll be able to display your game’s characteristics as much as you want and need to. With the revolutionary Vermont Archon Tennis Racket, we believe you can do just that.

  • Grand-Slam level tennis racket designed for those at the pinnacle of the game
  • The Archon is a senior tennis racket (27”)
  • Features a cutting-edge VPG Elite Tek Graphite Construction
  • Premium performance achieved through well-balanced racket
  • Strung weight: 280g
  • Finished with a black on black design with gold branding
  • Available in 4 grip sizes: L2 – L5
  • Full racket cover included with every racket

The 27” senior racket has been designed solely with the game’s top-level in mind. Manufactured from a highly-innovative VPG Elite Tek graphite construction, the carbon black frame provides the perfect balance between power and control for a consistent, premium performance. As well as displaying performance levels that are associated with that of the ATP and WTA Tours, the cutting-edge graphite design ensures this racket is highly durable, possessing the ability to cope with the demand of high level tennis.

Unique to other rackets at world level, the Vermont Archon Tennis Racket weighs a slight but highly-effective 280g. The racket’s light-in-weight nature allows players to really feel the ball off the strings and play with incredible finesse whilst still retaining a fantastic power-hitting ability. This racket is just as excellent when neutralising the rally with a softly-played slice backhand as it is when stepping inside the court and firing a forehand winner past your helpless opponent.

If you’re a player that mixes it at the top level and you’re looking for a world-class tennis racket to match your ambitions then the Vermont Archon Tennis Racket is the perfect choice for you. Finely balancing finesse with power, this tennis racket will help enhance all aspects of your game and help take your game to new heights you didn’t even realise we imaginable.

What Size Grip Should You Go For?

Hand Measurment (in) Hand Measurement (mm) Grip Size (L)
4 ¼ 106-108 2
4 ⅜ 109-111 3
4 ½ 112-114 4
4 ⅝  115-117 5

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