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Tennis Tutor ProLite

Tennis Tutor ProLite

  • Tennis Tutor ProLite Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Machines | Tennis Ball Launchers | Tennis Tutor | Sports Tutor | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Tutor ProLite Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Machines | Tennis Ball Launchers | Tennis Tutor | Sports Tutor | Vermont UK
  • The ProLite is extremely lightweight & compact

  • Possesses all the characteristics of the original Tennis Tutor

  • Manually modify ball elevation, ball speed & feed rate

  • Battery or mains operated (Smart Charger included for battery option)

  • Air Hose Remote Control is optional

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Lightweight & Portable, the ProLite is an excellent addition to your training set up!

Tennis, like any sport, requires plenty of time on the practice court if you want to see improvements in your game. Tennis is unique in the fact that, when it comes to training, you’re only as good as your partner because if they’re constantly dumping their returns into the net, you’re not going to get the necessary shot opportunities you need to really develop. To get the most from your practice you need a partner who isn’t going to miss, which is where the Tennis Tutor ProLite comes into its own.

This highly-functional, portable tennis ball machine will be ready to go in a matter of seconds once set up on your court. Retaining all the original Tennis Tutor’s key features, the ProLite provides complete ball control. As well as this, the ProLite allows you to modify ball speed (10-60mph), ball elevation and the ball feed rate (2-10 seconds) proving that, combined with its built-in horizontal oscillator, it can be highly adaptable to meet the demands of your training sessions. Once the session is complete, the ball machine can be easily transported and stored away thanks to its remarkable lightweight design, which allows you to carry it like hand luggage.

Available as a battery or mains powered machine, the 125-ball capacity will only increase the quality levels of your training. Should you select the battery-powered version, you will also receive a Smart Charger, so your ProLite Tennis Ball Machine will always be ready when you need it. Completing the package is the option of adding an Air Hose Remote Control. This allows the user to control machine via an 80ft rubber tube, meaning you don’t have to walk the length of the court each time you want to change a setting.



  • Ball Elevation
  • Ball Speed Range: 10-60mph / 16-97km/h
  • Ball Feed Rate: 2-10 seconds
  • Built-in Horizontal Oscillator
  • Start-up time delay
  • Tennis Ball Capacity: 125 balls


  • 13kg / 28lbs


  • 30cm H x 50cm L x 46cm W / 12” H x 19.5” L x 18” W

Power Options:

  • Mains / AC Operated
  • Battery Operated


  • Smart Charger Included
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