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Table & Chairs Set [For Tennis Courts]

Table & Chairs Set [For Tennis Courts]

  • Top Of The Range Tennis Court Table & Chairs Set | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Court Table & Chairs | Vermont UK
  • Top Of The Range Tennis Court Table & Chairs Set | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Court Table & Chairs | Vermont UK
  • Relax in incredible comfort with this courtside set

  • Includes two chairs and a table

  • Table contains useful storage compartment

  • Durable aluminium alloy comes with rustproof exterior

  • Available in 3 colours: Forest Green, White & Wood Grain


Change ends in style with this Table & Chairs Set

Resting in between games or drills is a massively important part of developing as a tennis player. Not only does it give the body a few precious moments to recuperate ready for the next tennis assault, it also allows players to reflect and draw on their game plans. To get the most out of these small breaks in tennis, player comfort is an absolute must, and with this Tennis Table & Chairs Set sitting courtside, comfort is a guarantee!

This high-quality courtside companion is remarkably durable and lightweight thanks to the aluminium alloy it’s been engineered from. Easy to install and transport, this table and chairs set comes with a robust, powder coated exterior, making it supremely resistant to rust and other weathering elements. This allows it to be used indoors or outdoors, for many years to come. Each set comes with high-elastic leg covers enabling you to use it on any court surface without leaving any lasting damage.

As well as two impressively comfortable chairs for players to use, this set also provides a useful table which can be used to house drinks and high-energy snacks for players to use in between games. The table also includes an internal storage compartment allowing players to store personal belongings and other items required for the tennis court. It’s high-quality levels have led to international recognition at events such as the Asian Games, WTA Women’s Open and the China Open.

Available in 3 colours; Forest Green, White and Wood Grain, we can also offer custom colours/branding upon request. Should you wish to discuss any potential options, then please don’t hesitate in contacting one of our expert Sales Team via our Contact Page.



  • Manufactured from an extremely durable aluminium alloy
  • Rustproof exterior thanks to polyester powder coating
  • High-elastic leg covers to protect all court surfaces

Colours Available:

  • Forest Green
  • White
  • Wood Grain


  • Table comes with internal storage compartment
  • Set can be easily assembled & dismantled thanks to detachable back & seat plate
  • Set is extremely durable, designed to last for years
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Table & Chairs Set [For Tennis Courts]

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Table & Chairs Set [For Tennis Courts]

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