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Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube


Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube

    tennis ball pick-up tube | Vermont UK Tennis Ball Collector  | Vermont UK Tennis Ball Quick Release Hopper & Pick-Up Tube | Vermont UK Tennis Ball Collector & 15 Ball Hopper  | Vermont UK Tennis Ball picker upper  | Vermont UK
  • tennis ball pick-up tube | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Ball Collector  | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Ball Quick Release Hopper & Pick-Up Tube | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Ball Collector & 15 Ball Hopper  | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Ball picker upper  | Vermont UK
  • Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube revolutionises the way tennis balls are collected

  • Has the capacity to pick up 15 balls at any one time

  • 100% PVC and transparent for ease of visibility

  • Eliminates bending movement therefore reducing threat of injury

  • Perfect for schools, clubs and tennis facilities

  • 4.7/5 (Read 7 customer reviews)
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    Put an end to the boring tennis ball clear away with this pick-up tube

    Completely Clear

    The PVC tube is completely transparent, so you can clearly see how many balls you have picked up

    Less work, more play

    You can empty the tube as quickly as you fill it up via the rubber ball locking straps leaving you more time to get back out there!

    Super durable

    The tube’s PVC make up combined with its heavy-duty rubber base makes this pick-up tube extremely durable and suitable for any court surface


    Ensure the tennis ball pick-up woes are a thing of the past!

    The tennis ball pick-up is something that nobody enjoys, but unfortunately it is something which is unavoidable. We’ve all been there at the back end of a gruelling trolley session, struggling to catch your breath, every single muscle you could possibly imagine burning to its fullest and then the cry of ‘let’s get the balls in’ bounces off every corner of the court. With what seems like thousands of balls scattered everywhere, the last thing want is to be bending down picking them up one by one. With this Tennis Ball Pick-Up tube, those struggles can be no more.

    This clear, lightweight, PVC pick-up tube has the capability of picking up 15 tennis balls at a time without you having to bend over to pick them up. Simply hover the heavy-duty flexible rubber base over the desired tennis ball, apply minimal pressure to the ball and watch it shoot up into the clear tube. By eliminating the motion of bending, the risk of injury has been dramatically reduced, which is vitally important if your collecting balls after a tough session on the body.

    With it being such a useful piece of court equipment, it’s an absolute essential for schools and tennis facilities. Coaches can now turn the ball pick-up fiasco into fun games and have the courts cleared in double quick time!


    Tube Capacity:

    • This tube can pick up 15 balls at a time


    • 100% PVC material with heavy-duty rubber base


    • Tennis balls are NOT included
    • Pick-up tube is NOT compatible with Mini Tennis Red (Stage 3) balls
    Don't just take our word for it


    Based on 7 customer reviews

    Trusted Customer
    Good product
    Michael Lee
    Good price. Should have more sizes available.
    Trusted Customer
    Better than bending down!!!!!
    Matthew Naughton
    Does the job, what more can I say
    Trusted Customer
    It is exactly what I needed
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    Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube

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    Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube

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