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Lobster® Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine

Replicate authentic professional match-play with Lobster's ELITE 3 tennis ball machine. Up your game with the added Dual, Two-Line Oscillation! Optional Wireless Remote.

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Lobster® Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine Specifications


  • Ball Speed Range: 20-80 seconds (4 settings)
  • Variable Feed Rate: 2-10 seconds
  • Ball Elevation: Manual 0-50°
  • Capacity: 150 Tennis Balls


  • Sweeping triple oscillation (side-to-side)
  • Variable depth oscillation


  • 240V Battery
  • Play time off a full charge: 4-8 hours
  • Fast Smart Battery Charger included with machine


  • Machine comes with option of adding a wireless remote
  • Weight: 20kg / 44lbs
  • Machine features oversized wheels and a handle for easy portability

Lobster® Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster® Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine takes all the outstanding qualities delivered by its predecessors and introduces brand new features to make this training accessory even better. The high-quality machine now features an innovative dual oscillation feature that allows you to alter the depth of the returning tennis balls as well as side-to-side movement, to help challenge all aspects of your game. Its oversized wheels combined with its handle means you can take it anywhere!

  • Battery powered machine (4-8 hours off a full charge)
  • Offers unique depth-altering oscillation
  • Triple-oscillation allows for side-to-side movement
  • Ball speed range: 20-80mph
  • Features: Ball Spin, Varied Ball Trajectory, Variable Feed Rate & Random Delivery
  • Will hold up to 150 tennis balls at any one time
  • Features oversized wheels & handle for easy portability
  • Optional wireless remote

The Elite 3 machine comes with an impressive speed range of 20-80 mph across four settings, allowing players to gain real-life match speeds during practice sessions. The speed combines exceptionally well with this Elite 3’s unique spin adjusting capabilities. With a choice of top spin or back spin on offer, this tennis ball machine allows you to train both your offensive and defensive techniques with a variable feed rate, giving players the perfect preparation for competitive tennis matches.

All our Lobster® Tennis Ball Machines act as the ultimate training partner as you’ll never have to worry about them missing shots. As well as an impressive ball speed range and spin capabilities, this ball machine also features an adjustable release point allowing you to test all kind of tennis shots. All these top-quality settings can be controlled using the panel on the back of the machine. If you wish for a more convenient experience, you can add a wireless remote to you Elite 3 which allows you to dictate your settings from anywhere on the tennis court.

This tennis ball machine is powered using a long-lasting 240V battery. This battery is charged using the provided Fast Smart Battery Charger and once fully charged, will deliver an exceptionally long life of up to 8 hours, giving you plenty of time on the practice court.

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