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Lobster® Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Simulate authentic match-play with Lobster's ELITE 2 tennis ball machine. Test & improve your technique and reactions with this amazing training aid! Optional Wireless Remote.

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Lobster® Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine Specifications


  • Ball Speed Range: 10-80mph (4 Settings)
  • Ball Feed Rate: 2-10 seconds
  • Ball Elevation (Electronic): 0-50°
  • Ball Capacity: 150 Tennis Balls
  • Triple Oscillation Function – Random (Horizontal & Vertical – 8 Areas)
  • Oversized wheels & foldable handle for excellent portability

Power Source:

  • Machine is powered by a 240V Battery
  • 4-8 hours playing time from a full charge
  • Fast Smart Battery Charger Included


  • 20kg / 44lbs
World-Class Lobster® Tennis Ball Machine – The Perfect Training Partner

This Lobster® Tennis Ball Machine boasts all the quality you need from a high-quality training partner, allowing you to work on your game without relying on others to hit with. Created using all the fundamental characteristics from the Lobster® 1, the Lobster® 2 version takes the level of play up a notch thanks to its triple oscillation function, which can comprehensively simulate match scenarios. With this machine you can work on all aspects of your groundstroke play with a guaranteed ball return every time.

  • Battery powered Tennis Ball Machine has battery life of up to 8 hours
  • Ball Speed Range: 10-80mph (4 settings)
  • Triple Oscillator allows for more match-realistic training situations
  • Features include: backspin & topspin, ball elevation random delivery, variable feed rate
  • Can hold 150 tennis balls at one time
  • Machine has oversized wheels & a handle for easy portability
  • Optional Wireless Remote
  • The perfect training aid for coaches, players, schools and tennis clubs

The Lobster® 2 features four speed settings ranging from 10-80mph so you can replicate match speeds, depending on your ability. As well as the impressive speed range, the spin feature allows you to alter the type of spin you wish to receive (topspin or backspin), so you can really target specific shots when developing your game. If practicing your defensive play is more your focus, then the triple oscillator combined with the adjustable ball feed rate is the perfect combination for you. The oscillator can randomly send the ball to 8 different court positions, giving you the unpredictability of a match, whereas the feed rate can be changed alter the time you have to recover between shots.

Specifically designed so the Lobster® 2 can replicate a player on the other side of the net, the electronic ball elevation feature can have its release point altered from 0-50°, allowing you to test your low, retrieving shots and your ability to cope with high, bouncing balls. All these impressive ball characteristic settings can be controlled via the panel at the back of the machine. If you require a more convenient experience, you can also choose to add a wireless remote to your machine, which will control the feed rate and sweep from anywhere on the tennis court.

Powered by a 240V Battery, the Lobster® 2 Tennis Ball Machine is completely wireless, giving you plenty of flexibility when on the court. The impressive training accessory can deliver a playing time of up to 8 hours off a full charge (smart charger included), so you’ll never have to worry about this training partner letting you down. The oversized wheels and foldable handle make moving the machine once your session is finished the simplest of tasks. Its quality, combined with its versatility and excellent value makes it the perfect tennis ball machine for clubs, schools, academies, players and coaches.

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